What is a Sump Pump?


What is a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps are automatic pumps used for sump basin drainage or in emergency situations.

Typical Applications

The most common application is for basement drainage to prevent residential flooding.

Types of Sump Pumps

·         Submersible sump pumps are built with a special motor that is completely submerged in oil to provide a superior cooling and lifetime bearing lubrication. The sealed construction prevents dust and moisture from entering the motor and extends pump life. Because the motor sits inside your sump pit, it will be quieter, give a much neater appearing installation and will prevent children or pets from coming in contact with the hot exterior motor housing. Vertical switch models for 10” or larger diameter pits also available. Some sump pump models have extended warranties.

·         Pedestal sump pumps are equipped with motors that are mounted on a column and use a drive shaft to turn an impeller that pumps the water. Pedestal models are usually less expensive due to their design. However, because the motor is open for cooling purposes they are exposed to dust and moisture in the basement leading to shorter motor life and premature failure. Pedestal pumps can be much louder to operate.

Do I need a submersible or Pedestal sump pump?

Submersibles are more popular because they are quieter, safer, run cooler, and include an automatic switch that lasts 5 times longer on average. Either pump will work in a typical sump basin.

What Size Pump Do I Need?

1. If you are replacing an existing pump, simply match the horsepower (HP) to your old pump. If your current pump is having trouble keeping up with the water flow, you should buy the next larger HP.

2. For new applications, 1/3 HP as a minimum is recommended. If the pump is undersized, it could flood your basement.

3. If you need to constantly pump a lot of water from your basin choose a pump with at least a 1/2 HP rating.

4. The higher you have to pump water up from the basin, the more HP your pump will need.

5. For sump pit diameters/depths of 10" to 12", use a vertical switch model. If you have a sump pump, you should consider the purchase of a Flotec Emergency Back-Up Sump Pump System. These systems are a back-up in case of power loss or primary sump pump failure to protect your home and valuables

Is Installing a Sump Pump Difficult?

Installing a replacement sump pump is easily done in a matter of minutes. The only tools you’ll need are channel locks, screwdriver, and, in rigid installations, a hacksaw. Complete easy-to-read installation instructions are included with each pump. In addition, each carton has step-by-step illustrations that guide the installation process. We always recommend a new check valve when replacing your sump pump.