What Type of Pump do I Need?


What Type of Pump do I Need?

There are several types of pumps available depending on what your application is. Choose the type you need from the following:

Sump Pumps
Sump pumps are automatic pumps designed to pump (basically) clean water. They are used for sump basin drainage or in emergency situations. The most common application is for basement drainage to prevent residential flooding.

Sewage Pumps
Sewage pumps are used when the water being pumped may contain solids up to 2” in diameter. The most common application is pumping waste from a toilet into the sewer line or septic system.

Effluent Pumps
Effluent pumps are used when the water being pumped may contain solids up to 3/4” in diameter. Typical examples are mound-type septic systems, elevated septic system drain fields, laundry discharge and sump or grey water removal.

Utility Pumps
These pumps are usually non-automatic, portable and come in various performances for submersible or non-submersible temporary applications. They are used for everyday or occasional applications around the home. Typical uses include emptying stopped-up sinks, draining water beds or aquariums, pumping out furnace pits and window wells and pumping water off of a floor.

4” Submersible Well Pumps
These pumps are used to bring water from a buried well into a house for general household water supply, when city water is not used. 4” submersible well pumps are used in conjunction with a standard or pre-charged pressure tank.

Jet Pumps
Jet pumps are above-ground pumps designed to pull water from a well or other water source for use in a home water system or small sprinkler system. Shallow well jet pumps can pull water from a maximum of 25’ of depth. Deep well (convertible) jet pumps can pull from as deep as 100’.

Jet Pump / Tank Systems
These systems incorporate a jet pump mounted on a small pre-charged bladder style tank. They are usually used in small homes, cabins, or mobile homes for home water where their compact size is a plus. Not designed for high volume use because of small tank size.

Sprinkler Pumps
Designed to pull water from a shallow well or lake for an in-ground irrigation system where moderate to high flow rates and low to moderate pressures are needed.

Booster Pumps
These pumps usually require incoming pressure. They cannot pull in more volume, but can add pressure for better showers, faster and more efficient filtering, pressure-washing, etc.

Ornamental Features Pumps
Also called, “Statuary” or “Pond” pumps, they provide low volume and low pressure water for decorative fountains, statues, and small yard ponds.